Bilim Private Food Control Laboratory is a foundation of Bilim Health and Laboratory Services trade. co. ltd. Our company, which gives analysis services in various fields especially in Medicine and Veterinary, continues its works in the specific field food analysis services since 2008.
Our laboratory, taking the work permit, by braking a new ground, meets the analysis needs comprehensively, especially in the meat species analysis with PCR method. Since the beginning of 2008, our laboratory, continuing the substructure works; conducts its activities by taking the foundation permit in 20.10.2008 and work permit in 01.06.2009 from Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs Protection Control General Management. Our laboratories continue their services on the basis of the “Trust, Quality and Expertise” criteria with their expert staff including the food engineers, microbiology experts, biologists, medical biologists, chemistry engineers and chemists. ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Document was taken from TSE in 2003 and by increasing the importance of the quality TS EN ISO 17025 Accreditation certificate was taken and there are 80 tests in the context of the accreditation by now.

By attending the internal and external quality programmes, the correctness of the studies are always being approved. Our company tries to meet the needs by following the scientific developments closely. It is aimed that the individual or the institutions who requests analysis will be answered on time and that increase their pleasure.