In our chemical analysis laboratory, food control analyses found in Turkish Food Codex and product-specific national and international standards are carried out. There are 6 sections in the Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

The Sections and Some of Our Services

General Chemistry Section: It is the section where general age chemical analyses are performed in. In this section, the analyses such as product’s label information (oil, protein, salt amount etc.), energy and carbohydrate levels that can be placed on product package are carried out.

Mycotoxin Section: Mycotoxin is a general name used for secondary toxic components produced by fungus. Among chemical factors found in food and feed, Mycotoxin is one of the severest risk factors that threaten human and animal health. Mycotoxin formation in agricultural products can occur in every phase from harvest to consumption based on product. Most products carry risk of Mycotoxin in terms of nutrition and health.

Additive Section: In this section, chemicals (sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, antioxidants, etc.) used to promote food and feed consumption or to increase shelf life, are detected. When additives are used within the range specified in Turkish Food Codex by producers, they do not pose a risk to human health. However, when they are used for wrong purposes such as adulteration or defects concealer and they are used beyond the specified limits, they pose a risk to human health.

Residual Section: Analysis of pesticide residues is performed. In agricultural production, there are many disease factors and pests that are harmful to plants. Chemical controls, namely agricultural pesticides are used I order to be protected from these factors and to increase agricultural productivity. These matters called pesticides destroy pests and disease factors. However, when these pesticides are used beyond the specified limits or near to harvest period and during harvest, they remain on product. When these foods are consumed, they accumulate in human body and cause cancer. Therefore, analysis of pesticide is quite important.

Mineral Section: In mineral analysis laboratory, control processes are carried out for detection of presence of minerals directly affecting human health, food and product safety and determination of nutritional value of food.