Although food industry is quite large in our country, control and inspection that is one of the most important steps of food safety, is not at the level it should be, unfortunately. Although Turkish Food Codex clearly states that any animal tissues except muscle and fat should not be used in food content, meat and meat products such as fermented sausage, salami, sausage and minced meat are exposure to fraud in recent years due to increase in meat price. As the content of these products is extremely vulnerable to cheating, importance of the subject will be better understood.

Cheating in meat and meat products has generally two dimensions. First, offal such as chicken gizzard, kidney, lung and eye, skin and genital organs are included into product content. The second one is to use carcass meat of different equine animals such as pig, horse and donkey and to use chicken and turkey meats that are cheaper unlike indicated on label of product.

In the laboratory, we histologically analyze samples whether they contain tendon and fascia parts, man and female genital organs, eyes and ears, skin, rumen and intestines, spleen, lung and liver, breast tissue, cartilage and bones except muscle and fat tissues. We are a licensed and authorized laboratory about this issue by the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock.