Microbiology Laboratory is the unit that performs studies to detect pathogens, indicator bacteria and microorganisms causing spoilage in foods. Whether foods are healthy can be detected via an effective control. These controls are applied within the scope of analysis specified in Microbiological Criteria Regulation of Turkish Food Codex. Detection and identification of bacteria species, sub-species and toxins causing food poisoning is the priority for food safety.

Some foods are more vulnerable to microbiological contamination because of their contents that supports development of microscopic organisms. The risk is less for dry foods and heat treated foods that heating process is enough, but it is not enough for the food not to be contaminated microbiologically after production phase. So, they should be carefully controlled during transportation and distribution in order to deliver food to consumer as sterile.

In our laboratory, reliable and rapid results are given via internationally applicable current TS, ISO, FDA-BAM etc. methods and conventional microbiology and PCR devices.

Also according to microorganism table revealed from samples taken for inspection services, it is searched to detect which deficiencies are present in business and how they are eliminated.