Damages caused by foods mostly occur due to unhygienic food production in unsafe places. These kinds of foods are contaminated by various harmful microorganisms, undesirable chemical matters such as pesticide residues and physical matters such as glass, stone and soil and they give harm to human health. Most of consumer complaints mainly include foreign substances found in foods.

After complaint, special request or inspection related to products containing physical hazards, samples brought to Physical Analysis Laboratory are analyzed according to Alimentary Products Law of TSI standard of Turkish Food Codex and the report is accurately and reliably given to the related party in a short time.

In Physical Analysis Laboratory, physical analyses of samples of food, food additive, feed, feed additive, water and fisheries such as organoleptic (color, taste, smell, appearance), moisture / solids, brick, pH, refractive index, foreign substance, sieve analyses, specific gravity and feed microscopy are successfully carried out.