As Bilim Veterinary Diagnosis and Analysis Laboratory; to decrease the heavy millstone around their neck and to provide the world standards scientific analysis services, we want the clinicians, who has this important assignment directly effective on life and death, to know that we are always supporting them with a distinguished and expert team who are prominent in their fields.

We all know the various problems in the veterinary medicine field. We still know that we are the ones who will solve the problems. One the problems was the accurate, reliable and legal laboratory support. Since we believe in the importance of the subject, “Bilim Private Veterinary Diagnosis and Analysis Laboratory”, which took a long time to establish and which was licensed by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas in 2008 and which is the first comprehensive laboratory in its field in our country, will always serve you clearly.

Our experts in departments of Veterinary Biochemistry, Veterinary Microbiology and Veterinary Pathology, all of which are one expertise fields separately, will always be in a dialogue with you. A very little suggestion from you will be so valuable for us and feedbacks will be immediately given for your requests. Our aim is to satisfy the needs accurately. The most concrete sign of this is the health of our animals and the satisfaction of their owners’. To provide making the clinics and hospitals an appeal and reliance center in veterinary services is our first priority.