The Virology department of our laboratory works with the other departments in synchrony and compares with the necessities of the science branch. IFA and ELISA techniques which are commonly used in the diagnosis of the viral diseases and VETQAS external quality control programme safety is provided.
Besides the diagnosis of the diseases, vaccine control panels are also included among the department tests. The titers of the major vaccines applied to cat, dog and cattles are determined and we help to the formation of biosafety programmes.
For the department tests you can consult to our expert staff and information can be taken in the subjects such as evaluation of the tests, test strategies, sample choice, infection control. This service is given to research units primarily all veterinary clinicians, partner laboratories, breeders and universities.

Services given in virology department

-Antibody detection: Techniques such as Agar-Gel Immunodiffusion, ELISA, IFA are used.
-Viral Antigen detection: Antigen-capture ELISA and IFA techniques are used.
-Virus DNA/RNA isolation: PCR technique is used.