The swimming pools are the areas being operated to the purposes such as training, entertainment and treatment. They are grouped as open, closed and convertible pools according to their places; private, semi-private, and general pools according to their purpose of use; as-prepared, reinforced concrete and prefabricated according to construction practice; and fresh water, sea water and mineral water according to the water used.
The health principles and conditions which the swimming pools in our country will be subjected to are stated by T.C. Ministry of Health in “The Regulation of the Principles and Conditions which will the Swimming Pools will be subjected to” published in the Official Gazette numbered 27866 in 3 March 2011 [revision; 15 December 2011 and 28143 numbered]. In this regulation, “Appendix-1 Chemical Features”, “Appendix-2 Physical Features” and “Appendix-3 Microbiological Features” which should be present in the swimming pools are stated.

In our laboratory, analyses for all the parameters indicated in Appendix-1, Appendix-2, and Appendix-3 are done.


Appendix–1 Chemical Features

Parameter Analysis time Unit Limit values
Minimum Maximum
Cyanuric acid (1) Once in a month mg/L 100
Biguanide (2) 2 30
Hydrogen Peroxide (2) 40 80
pH (2) 6,5 7,8
Ammonium (2) 0,5
Nitrite 0,5
Nitrate 50
Copper 1
Aluminum 0,2
Total Alkalinity  (2) (CaCO3) 30 180
Bound chlorine (3) 0,2
Free chlorine in closed swimming pool (3) 1 1,5
Free chlorine in open swimming pool (3) 1 3
Free chlorine (4)

(1) It is analyzed in the pools in which the chlorine compounds with stabilizer are used for the disinfection of the water.
(2) If “hydrogen peroxide + biguanide” is used in the disinfection of water, the hydrogen peroxide should be in the range of 40-80. In this case, pH is accepted up to 8,2, ammonium up to 1,5 and total alkalinity up to 220 level. In those pools, free chlorine measurement are not made, hydrogen peroxide and biguanide are measured.
(3) It is analyzed in pools where the chlorine and chlorine compounds are used for the water disinfection.
(4) It is analyzed in pools when ozone, UV, chlorine dioxide, and other disinfection systems are used in the disinfection of water.
NOTE: The measurement of hydrogen peroxide, biguanide, and free chlorine are done in the pool position.
Appendix–2 Physical Features

Parameter Analysis Time Desired value
Color Once in a month 10 units as Pt/Co
Turbidity Once in a month 5 units as SiO2 or Jakson unit or 0,5 unit as NTU or FNU
Temperature (1) Once in a month   Minimum Maximum
Closed pool 26oC      28oC
Open pool 26oC 38oC

(1) Temperature measurement is done in the pool position.
Appendix–3 Microbiological Features

Parameter Suggested Method (1) Analysis Time (2) Limit values
Total colony (germ) count  TS EN ISO 6222 Once in a month 200 CFU(3) /ml
Total coliform bacteria TS EN ISO 9308-1 0/100 ml
Escherichia coli (E. Coli) TS EN ISO 9308-1 0/100 ml
Pseudomonas aeruginosa TS EN ISO 16266 0/100 ml

(1)  Laboratories can use another method except fort he suggested method only if the references are given.
(2) The analysis time should be twice in a month in the periods when the swimming pool is used intensively.
(3) CFU Colony Forming Unit.