It is an impure water containing many elements and salt found in seas and oceans. The average salinity of the ocean is 3.5%. In other words, there are 35 grams salt in 1 kg water. Thus, 88.8% chlorine composition comprises and the largest proportion belongs to sodium chloride with 77.7. In our country and in many countries having a coast on, marine tourism is quite developed. Many people, especially in the summer are flocking to the sea to cool off. Therefore the quality of seawater is important for human health.

*Sea water analysis is conducted by our laboratory.

According to the Regulation on Water Pollution, chemical and physical quality of sea water control criteria are as follows;


Parameter Criteria Thoughts
pH 6.0-9.0
Colour and turbidity Natural Photosynthetic activity within the natural water necessary for life should not affect the normal values at measuring depth more than 90%.
Supernatant Liquids such as floating oil, tar, etc. and solids such as trash etc. cannot be contained.
Suspended solids (mg/L) 30
Dissolved oxygen
More than 90% of saturation Dissolved oxygen levels should be monitored for depth.
Degradable organic pollutants After monitoring, the presence of dissolved oxygen should not be in an amount which endanger more than specified value above.
Crude oil and petroleum derivatives (mg/L) 0.003 Water, biota and sediment should be evaluated separately and preferably should be never.
Radioactivity Natural radioactivity types and levels belonging to marine environment under question will not be exceeded. Artificial radioactivity levels will be present in a level where it won’t be measured.
Productivity Seasonal productivity levels belonging to the marine environment under question will be protected.
Toxicity There won’t
Phenols (mg/L) 0.001
Various heavy metals
Copper, (mg/L) 0.01
Cadmium, (mg/L) 0.01
Chrome, (mg/L) 0.1
Lead, (mg/L) 0.1
Nickel, (mg/L) 0.1
Zinc, (mg/L) 0.1
Mercury, (mg/L) 0.004
Arsenic, (mg/L) 0.1
Ammonia, (mg/L) 0.02


Besides, microbiological criteria controlled in the sea by T. C. Ministry of Health;
-Total Coliforms
-Fecal Coliform
-Fecal Streptococcus